Urine Glucose Tests for Diabetic Patients with Impaired Vision

  1. Helen M Free
  1. Ames Company, Division Miles Laboratories, Inc. Elkhart, Indiana
  1. Address reprint requests to Alfred H. Free, Ames Company, Division Miles Laboratories, Inc., Elkhart, Indiana 46514


A colorimetric test procedure called Mega-Diastix is described for detection and measurement of glucose in urine. The test is designed for use by diabetic patients with impaired vision. Data establishing the performance capabilities of this rapid, convenient test are presented. As an internal standard, the recommended procedure utilizes effervescent control tablets for preparation of simulated urine. Also described is a touch fermentation test for detection of urinary glucose by totally blind patients. Data are given that demonstrate the accuracy and ease of performance of this test, which entails a rapid yeast fermentation. An internal standard is also incorporated into the procedure for this test.

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