Rising Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes in Germany

12-Year trend analysis in children 0–14 years of age

  1. Andreas Neu, MD,
  2. Stefan Ehehalt, CAND MED,
  3. Andre Willasch, CAND MED,
  4. Martin Kehrer, MD,
  5. Regine Hub, MD and
  6. Michael B. Ranke, MD FRCP(EDIN)
  1. University Children’s Hospital, Tuebingen, Germany

    Epidemiological studies from all parts of the world have reported increases in incidence of type 1 diabetes (1). In a 6-year population-based study that concluded in 1993 and was published in 1997, the incidence of type 1 diabetes in German children 0–14 years of age was reported to be 11.6 per 100,000 children a year (95% CI 10.9–12.2) (2). Using the Baden-Wuerttemberg (BW) incidence registry, data regarding 2,525 children with diabetes were analyzed over a 12-year period. Our objective was to determine the most recent trends in the incidence of childhood diabetes in Germany.

    BW is a federal state in Southwest Germany. The total number of inhabitants was 10.4 million at the time of this research, and 1.8 million (16.9%) were younger than 15 years of age. This corresponds to 13.3% of the total child population in Germany. These population data were drawn from a national census in 1987 and the official yearly update thereafter.

    Patients were registered according to European Diabetes (EURODIAB) …

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