French Multicentric Survey of Outcome of Pregnancy in Women With Pregestational Diabetes

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OBJECTIVE—To evaluate perinatal outcome in pregnancies in women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and the influence of preconception care 10 years after the St. Vincent’s declaration.

RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS—A cross-sectional study was conducted in 12 perinatal centers in France in 2000-2001. The main investigated outcomes were perinatal mortality, major congenital malformations, and preterm delivery.

RESULTS—Among 435 single pregnancies, 289 (66.4%) were from women with type 1 and 146 (33.6%) from women with type 2 diabetes. Perinatal mortality rate was 4.4% (0.7% national rate), severe congenital malformations rate was 4.1% (2.2% national rate), and preterm delivery rate was 38.2% (4.7% national rate). Preconception care was provided in 48.5% women with type 1 diabetes and in 24.0% women with type 2 diabetes. Women whose first trimester HbA1c was >8% had higher rates of perinatal mortality (9.2 vs. 2.5%; odds ratio 3.9; 95% CI 1.5–9.7; P < 0.005), major congenital malformations (8.3 vs. 2.5%; 3.5; 1.3–8.9; P < 0.01), and preterm delivery (57.6 vs. 24.8%; 1.4; 1.1–1.7; P < 0.005) than those with first trimester HbA1c <8%. These results are similar to those reported in France in 1986–1988.

CONCLUSIONS—Pregnancies in women with diabetes are still poorly planned and complicated by higher rates of perinatal mortality and major congenital malformations. Despite knowledge of the importance of intensified glycemic control before pregnancy, reaching the St. Vincent’s target needs further implementation in France.


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    • Accepted July 21, 2003.
    • Received April 8, 2003.
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