Comment on: Hegde et al. Effect of 3-Month Yoga on Oxidative Stress in Type 2 Diabetes With or Without Complications: A Controlled Clinical Trial. Diabetes Care 2011;34: 2208–2210

  1. Sandro Sperandei, MSC
  1. From the Computational Biology and Systems Program, Laboratory on Thymus Research, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  1. Corresponding author: Sandro Sperandei, ss{at}

I read with great interest the article by Hegde et al. (1), which investigated the effects of 3-month yoga practice on oxidative stress, glycemic control, blood pressure control, and anthropometry in type 2 diabetic patients with or without complications, in comparison with control subjects on standard care. In the face of the increasing prevalence of type 2 diabetes around the world, it is very important to assess different, and perhaps more enjoyable, methods of care. Nevertheless, some statistical issues concerning the results of the cited work need to be clarified.

First, statistical analyses were not clear. The authors stated that they used paired t tests …

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