Summary of Revisions for the 2012 Clinical Practice Recommendations

Additions to the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes—2012

  • A section on driving and diabetes has been added.

  • A section and table on common comorbidities of diabetes has been added.

  • A table listing properties of noninsulin therapies for hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes has been added.

Revisions to the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes—2012

In addition to many small changes related to new evidence since the prior year, and to clarify recommendations, the following sections have undergone major changes:

  • The Introduction was revised to more clearly describe processes for systematic evidence review, to link to the evidence table for changes since 2011, and to link to opportunities for public comment on the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes—2012.

  • Section V.D.2. Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes was revised to include more specific recommendations for starting and advancing pharmacotherapy for hyperglycemia.

  • Section X. Strategies for Improving Diabetes Care was revised to reflect growing evidence for the effectiveness of restructuring systems of chronic care delivery.

Revised Position Statement

  • A revised position statement, “Diabetes Management at Camps for Children with Diabetes,” has been added.

New Position Statement

  • A new position statement, “Driving and Diabetes,” has been added.

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