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Last updated June 26, 2015

The articles below have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in Diabetes Care and will appear in an upcoming issue. The American Diabetes Association publishes articles online ahead of print to expedite the dissemination of scientific material as soon as possible after acceptance. "Online Ahead of Print" articles appear in full in PDF format accompanied by an HTML abstract. Online Ahead of Print articles have been fully peer-reviewed and copyedited but should not be considered the official version of record, as proofreading may introduce minor changes to the article text and/or graphics. Once an Online Ahead of Print article is proofread and published in an issue of the journal it is removed from the Online Ahead of Print page.

Online Ahead of Print articles are citable by the unique DOI (digital object identifier) assigned to each article. The article DOI should be used in place of issue, volume, page range, and year of publication

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