Table 2 —

All-cause and infection-related mortality in 9,208 adults by sex and baseline diabetes status

With diabetesWithout diabetesWith diabetesWithout diabetes
Deaths, all causes (n)1187451311,109
 All-cause mortality rate (per 1,000 person-years)23.58.342.513.3
 Age-adjusted RR (95% CI)1.9 (1.5–2.3)1.01.7 (1.4–2.1)1.0
Infection-related deaths (n)188818177
 Infection-related mortality rate (per 1,000 person-years)
 Age-adjusted RR (95% CI)2.4 (1.2–4.7)1.01.7 (0.8–4.7)1.0
  • Data are weighted to account for complex sample design of NHANES II.