Table 2—

Comparison of pattern of use among all CAM users in 1996 by diabetes status

With diabetes (n = 62)Without diabetes (n = 889)P
Type of CAM received
    Nutritional advice37200.0199
    Massage therapy19350.0110
    Herbal remedies20330.0565
    Meditation training14110.7058
    Homeopathic therapy3100.0259
    Spiritual healing21240.6112
    Traditional medicine260.0967
    Other alternative therapy660.9317
Provider of CAM
    Massage therapist16320.0099
Use pattern and costs of CAM
    Used CAM for specific health problem81630.0075
    Discussed CAM use with regular physician57290.0024
    Referred by physician to CAM provider43100.0010
    CAM covered by insurance (yes)27120.0549
    Mean number of visits to CAM provider9 (2)13 (2)0.1781
    Mean amount spent for CAM414 (269)236 (26)0.5106
  • Data are % or means (SEM).