Table 2

Diabetes care tasks prescribed by DMMP to be provided by child care staff

TaskFrequencyEquipment/supplies (provided by parent/guardian)
Blood glucose monitoringBefore food intake and physical activity and when low or high blood glucose is suspectedBlood glucose meter, lancet, lancing device, test strips, CGM*
Insulin administrationBefore or after food intake and to treat high blood glucoseInsulin, delivery device (pump, pen, syringe)
Food intake scheduling and monitoringSnacks and meals provided and/or monitored to ensure food consumption is in accordance with insulin dosingFood, carbohydrate information
Hypoglycemia treatmentAwareness that unusual behaviors after physical activity or insulin administration may signify hypoglycemiaQuick-acting carbohydrate and glucagon
Hyperglycemia treatmentAwareness that increased urination or drinking may signify hyperglycemiaNoncarbohydrate-containing liquid, insulin
Ketone monitoringCheck ketones if repeated blood glucose tests show elevation above target range or if the child is illUrine or blood ketone strips, ketone monitor
  • * This device may or may not be used by the child.