Table 3—

Number and percentage decrease in incidence of type 2 diabetes if targeted population, based on BMI category, is prevented from increasing to next-highest category

Percent decrease in incidence of type 2 diabetes according to baseline BMI categoryNumber of reduced incident cases (proportion of overall incident cases)Reduced overall incidence rate (from 11.3% in Mexican Americans and 5.6% in non-Hispanic whites)
Mexican Americans
Obese to very obese*2513 (5.8)10.6
Overweight to obese4732 (14.2)9.5
Normal to overweight6251 (22.6)8.7
Non-Hispanic white
Obese to very obese*111 (1.4)5.5
Overweight to obese6114 (20.3)4.5
Normal to overweight7420 (29.0)4.0
  • Data are % or n (%).

  • *

    * Very obese ≥35 kg/m2; obese ≥30 kg/m2 and <35 kg/m2; overweight ≥25 kg/m2 and <30 kg/m2.