Table 2—

Effects of chromium supplementation on serum lipids

StudyDesignNo. of subjectsChromium supplement (dose)Key results
Patients with diabetes or IGT
    Abraham, Brooks, and Eylath (69)R, PC76 (25 with diabetes)CrCl3 (250 μg/day)TG↓, HDL cholesterol↑
    Bahijri et al. (66)R, DB, PC, CO78 (type 2 diabetes)CrCl3 (250 μg/day), brewer’s yeast (23.3 μg/day Cr3+)TG↓, HDL cholesterol↑
    Lee and Reasner (70)DB, PC, CO30 (type 2 diabetes)CrP (200 μg/day)TG↓
    Anderson et al. (45)R, PC180 (type 2 diabetes)CrP (200 or 1,000 μg/day)Total cholesterol↓
    Ghosh et al. (22)DB, PC, CO50 (type 2 diabetes)Cr3 (200 μg/day)No change
    Chen S, Sun, and Chen X (67)R188 (type 2 diabetes)JKTTG↓
    Uusitupa et al. (52)DB, PC, CO10 (type 2 diabetes)Cr3 (200 μg/day)No change
    Rabinowitz et al. (32)R, DB, PC, CO43Brewer’s yeastNo change
    Uusitupa et al. (30)R, PC26 (all with IGT)Brewer’s yeast (160 μg/day Cr3+)No change
    Offenbacher and Pi-Sunyer (74)R24 (8 with type 2 diabetes)Brewer’s yeastTotal cholesterol↓
    Evans (78)DB11 (type 2 diabetes)CrP (200 μg/day)LDL cholesterol↓, apoB↓, HDL cholesterol↑, apoA-I↑
Individuals without diabetes
    Roeback et al. (25)R, DB, PC72GTF-Cr (600 μg/day)HDL cholesterol↑
    Riales and Albrink (79)R, DB, PC23CrCl3 (200 μg/day)HDL cholesterol↑
    Press, Geller, and Evans (80)DB, PC, CO28CrP (200 μg/day)Total cholesterol↓, LDL cholesterol↓, apoB↓, apoA-I↑
    Preuss, Wallerstedt, and Talpur (81)R, DB, PC40CrP (400 μg/day)LDL cholesterol↓
    Volpe et al. (73)R, PC44CrP (400 μg/day)No change
    Wilson and Gondy (31)R, DB, PC26CrN (220 μg/day)No change
    Amato, Morales, and Yen (56)R, DB, PC19CrP (1,000 μg/day)No change
    Cefalu et al. (64)R, DB, PC29CrP (1,000 μg/day)Total cholesterol↓
  • ↑, increased; ↓, decreased; apo, apolipoprotein; CO, crossover, Cr3, trivalent chromium, CrN, chromium nicotinate, DB, double blind; JKT, jiangtangkang; PC, placebo controlled; R, randomized; TG, triglyceride.