Table 1—

HbA1c regressed on self-concept and mother-daughter interaction dimensions

Source of variationβ*SE-βR2Adjusted R2F changeP
Block 1: covariates
  Eating disturbance status0.
  Pubertal stageNS
  Age of diabetes onsetNS
Block 2: mother-daughter relationships
  Daughter’s autonomy
  Mother’s promotion of autonomy
Block 3: adolescent self-concept
  Behavioral conduct−0.410.
  Social acceptance0.350.070.350.324.980.03
  Romantic appeal−0.310.060.410.375.600.03
  Close friendships−
  Physical appearanceNS
  Job competenceNS
  School competenceNS
  Athletic competenceNS
  Global self-worthNS
  • F change = 6.18, P = 0.0003; overall F (6,60) = 5.25, P = 0.0001.

  • *

    * Coefficients are the β values at the end of the block in which they are located;

  • variable eligible for entry but removed due to nonsignificant contribution to the model.