Table 3—

Cox proportional hazard of risk factors for developing RP

VariableGlycemic level during the entire follow-up period
Glycemic level during 0–5 years of diabetes
Glycemic level during >5 years of diabetes
Hazard rate95% CIHazard rate95% CIHazard rate95% CI
Glycemic level (HbA1c, %)1.431.06–1.941.321.02–1.711.010.85–1.21
Sex (boys vs. girls)0.870.45–1.660.870.46–1.670.900.47–1.70
Birth weight (SD score)1.260.74––1.921.000.59–1.69
Age at onset (years)1.111.02–––1.21
Tobacco use (yes vs. no)1.150.41––3.501.390.51–3.75