Table 1—

Trends of diabetes, hypertension, overweight, and hyperlipidemia in Mexico

DisorderSourceAge-group (years)CutoffPrevalence (%)
 Fasting blood glucose1992–1993*20–69≥7 mmol/l8.5
 Any blood glucose≥11 mmol/l
 Fasting blood glucose200020–69≥7 mmol/l10.7
 Any blood glucose≥11 mmol/l
Glucose impairment
 Fasting blood glucose≥6.1–7 mmol/l12.7
 Any blood glucose≥7–11 mmol/l
Δ Cholesterol
1987–198820–98≥5.17–6.20 mmol/l22.8
1987–198820–98≥6.20 mmol/l10.6
1992–1993*20–69≥5.2–6.3 mmol/l27
1992–1993*20–69≥6.3 mmol/l7
HDL cholesterol1992–1993*20–690.9 mmol/l48
LDL cholesterol1992–1993*20–69≥4.2 mmol/l10
1992–1993*20–6925–30 kg/m235
200020–6925–30 kg/m238
1992–1993*20–69≥30 kg/m220
200020–69≥30 kg/m224.4
Overweight and obesity
1992–1993*20–69≥25 kg/m255
200020–69≥25 kg/m262.4
 Systolic blood pressure1992–1993*20–69≥140 mm/Hg31.0
 Diastolic blood pressure≥90 mm/Hg
 Systolic blood pressure200020–69≥140 mm/Hg30.5
 Diastolic blood pressure≥90 mm/Hg
  • *

    * Ref. 4, National Survey of Chronic Diseases;

  • ref. 3, National Health Survey;

  • ref. 9, National Serum Epidemiologic Survey.