Table 1—

Diabetes-specific supplies

Insulin supplies
    InsulinThree times the amount anticipated for each type of insulin, stored at nonextreme temperatures
    Insulin pens and needles (if applicable)One extra pen and three times the anticipated number of needles
    Pump supplies (if applicable)Three to five times the amount anticipated
    SyringesEnough to cover the entire trip if on the pen or pump; two to three times the anticipated requirement if using syringes alone
Glucose meterTwo different meters with extra batteries for each
Glucose strips and lance/lancetsThree times anticipated number of strips for each meter, two lances, and three times the anticipated number of lancets; a supply of visually read strips should also be taken as a backup in the event of meter failure
Ketone stripsTwo packages
    Dextrose tablets (“rapid-acting carbohydrate”)One package (50 g) per day
    Dried fruit and cookies (“slower-acting carbohydrate”)Several individually wrapped packages per day
Glucagon kit (this must be protected from breakage and from freezing of the vehicle)Two kits
Intravenous set upOne complete kit
Single-use sterile needles and syringesSeveral 18-g and 10-cm3 syringes, respectively, in the event that medical treatment is required in a hospital or clinic with limited resources
Insulated packsEnough to carry all supplies
Letter from physicianListing supplies and their necessity, for international border crossings
  • Supplies should be packed and carried in a minimum of two independent sites (e.g. carried personally at all times by two people, or by one person with the second set in a separate travel bag and/or at a nearby hotel or embassy/consulate).