Table 1—

Comparisons by demographics for women with GDM and no diabetes for most recently reported pregnancy in the 1995 NSFG

GDMNo diabetesP
Age at interview (years)31.829.0< 0.001
Age at pregnancy (years)30.327.7< 0.001
Race/ethnicity (%)
    Non-Hispanic white68.265.2
Non-Hispanic black11.815.0
    Non-Hispanic other6.44.70.659
Education (%)*
    <High school9.412.8
    High school33.838.7
    Some college56.848.50.226
Poverty index (%)
    At or above poverty threshold81.373.6
    Below poverty threshold11.618.10.102
  • All estimates are weighted to the U.S. population of women age 15–44 years at 15 April 1995. P values are based on χ2 for proportions and ANOVA for means.

  • *

    * Only women >25 years old at time of interview were included (GDM n = 105, no diabetes n = 2,209).

  • Respondents missing information on poverty status were not included (GDM n = 9, no diabetes n = 233).