Table 2—

Comparisons by health status and pregnancy history for women with GDM and no diabetes for most recently reported pregnancy in the 1995 NSFG

GDMNo diabetesP
Hypertension, nongestational (%)
BMI (kg/m2)*25.323.80.008
Fecundity status (%)
    Surgically sterile32.620.4
    Impaired fecundity19.712.6
Received prenatal care in first trimester (%)94.392.40.380
Lifetime number of completed pregnancies2.72.70.769
Lifetime number completed pregnancies ending in spontaneous loss0.50.50.508
Lifetime number completed pregnancies ending in live birth2.01.80.242
Received medical help to get pregnant (%)
Received medical help to prevent miscarriage (%)23.711.30.007
Pregnancy outcome (%)
    Live birth96.176.7
    Spontaneous loss3.911.9<0.001
  • All estimates are weighted to the U.S. population of women age 15–44 years on 15 April 1995. P values are based on χ2 for proportions and ANOVA for means.

  • *

    * Participants who reported a pregnancy that ended within 6 months of the 1993 NHIS interview (July 1992 to June 1994) were excluded from the BMI estimate (GDM n = 50, no diabetes n = 1,732).

  • Percents may not sum to 100% since results for participants who reported pregnancy outcome as induced abortion (GDM n = 0, no diabetes n = 335) were not presented due to concerns of underreporting.