Table 2

HRs (95% CI) for psychiatric disorders in relation to diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, stratified by age at onset and duration of type 1 diabetes

Age at onset of type 1 diabetes (years)Duration of type 1 diabetes (years)Total
<72.7 (1.9–3.7)2.0 (1.7–2.3)1.8 (1.6–2.0)1.9 (1.7–2.0)
7–113.3 (2.6–4.1)1.9 (1.7–2.2)2.1 (1.8–2.4)2.1 (1.9–2.3)
≥123.0 (2.5–3.6)2.2 (1.9–2.5)1.7 (0.8–3.5)2.4 (2.1–2.6)
Total3.0 (2.7–3.4)2.0 (1.9–2.2)1.9 (1.7–2.1)2.1 (2.0–2.2)
  • Multivariate conditional analysis adjusted to age at the time of recruitment, sex, year, and county of birth by matching and additionally adjusted for variables included in the model: socioeconomic factors (maternal/paternal age at childbirth, maternal/paternal psychiatric history, maternal/paternal country of birth, level of education of higher educated parent), perinatal variables (gestational age, birth weight, being born small for gestational age, being born large for gestational age, Apgar score), and history of psychiatric disorders prior to the recruitment. Observations were censored for any psychiatric disorder diagnosed in previous follow-up period after onset of type 1 diabetes.