Table 2—

Logistic regression analysis of risk factors for microalbuminuria and macroalbuminuria (without ESRD)

P valueOdds ratio (95% CI)P valueOdds ratio (95% CI)
Diabetes duration<0.00011.033 (1.027–1.039)<0.00011.054 (1.036–1.073)
Age at onset (years)<0.00011.011 (1.006–1.017)0.280.989 (0.969–1.009)
Male sex0.6810.969 (0.835–1.125)0.0471.290 (1.003–1.658)
A1C<0.00011.13 (1.086–1.181)0.00391.235 (1.070–1.426)
Blood pressure
    Systolic0.0331.008 (1.001–1.016)NDND
    Diastolic0.0151.014 (1.003–1.026)NDND
    HypertensionNDND0.0180.414 (0.199–0.860)
    LDL cholesterol0.00741.003 (1.001–1.005)NDND
    Triglycerides<0.00011.003 (1.002–1.003)NDND
    DyslipidemiaNDND0.00611.727 (0.887–3.361)
  • Analysis of maximum likelihood estimates and stepwise selection of parameters. Risk factors were calculated as continuous variables for microalbuminuria and dichotomous factors for macroalbuminuria. ND, not done.