Table 4—

Stepwise aggression analysis of factors relating to fetal growth and body composition in infants of women with GDM (n = 195) and NGT (n = 220)

Birth weight
    Estimated gestational age0.114
    Pregravid weight0.1620.048
    Weight gain0.2100.048
    Smoking (−)0.2270.017
    Parity0.2390.012P = 0.0001
Lean body mass
    Estimated gestational age0.122
    Smoking (−)0.1530.031
    Pregravid weight0.1790.026
    Weight gain0.2120.033
    Maternal height0.2410.016
    Paternal weight0.2500.009P = 0.0001
Fat mass
    Pregravid BMI0.066
    Estimated gestational age0.1360.070
    Weight gain0.1710.035
    Group (GDM)0.1870.016P = 0.0001
Percent body fat
    Pregravid BMI0.072
    Estimated gestational age0.1160.044
    Weight gain0.1470.031
    Group (GDM)0.1660.019P = 0.0001
  • The left column represents total cumulative r2 value and the right column the incremental r2 value associated with a given factor. Adapted from Catalano and Ehrenberg (28).