Table 1—

Multivariate analysis of contributions of race, age, BMI, sex, family history, and RPG to risk of different categories of glucose intolerance

Diabetes or IGT
Diabetes or IGT or IFG 110 mg
Odds ratioPOdds ratioPOdds ratioP
Model A
    Age (5 years)1.39<0.0011.31<0.0011.33<0.001
    BMI (5 kg/m2)1.49<0.0011.39<0.0011.43<0.001
    Race (black)1.460.1981.400.0321.220.193
Model B
    Age (5 years)1.37<0.0011.27<0.0011.30<0.001
    BMI (5 kg/m2)1.420.0011.32<0.0011.37<0.001
    Race (black)2.050.0281.680.0021.470.018
    Sex (female)0.520.0430.710.0430.640.005
    Family history1.690.11.340.0721.310.082
    RPG (10 mg/dl)1.53<0.0011.37<0.0011.40<0.001
  • Data are odds ratios and probabilities, n = 1139 for each analysis. (ADA/NIDDK have recommended that screening be performed on individuals who have age >45 years and are overweight [BMI >25 kg/m2] and be considered on the basis of age >45 years or age <45 years if BMI is >25 kg/m2 and at least one other risk factor is present [family history of diabetes, gestational diabetes, or having had a baby weighing >9 lb, non-Caucasian, dyslipidemia, or hypertension] [2]). IFG, impaired fasting glucose 110–125 mg/dl.