Table 2

Special focus and grouped articles

DescriptionNo. of articles includedIssue
TODAY Study: The Changing “Face” of the Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic9June 2013
DCCT/EDIC 30th Anniversary Summary Findings8January 2014
Current Concepts of Type 2 Diabetes Prevention8April 2014
Advances in Artificial Pancreas Development8May 2014
3rd Annual Diabetes Care Symposium: New Drug Therapies, Innovative Management Strategies, and Novel Drug Targets4July 2014
Understanding and Addressing Health Disparities in Diabetes Care and Research7February 2015
Evolving Tactics With Inhibition of Sodium–Glucose Cotransporters12March 2015
Type 1 Diabetes at a Crossroads9June 2015
4th Annual Diabetes Care Symposium: Novel Clinical Interventions in Therapy That Impact the Management of Diabetes4July 2015