Table 2

Five-year A1C change estimates derived from multivariable regression modeling: SHIP, 1997–2006

VariableSDΔA1C estimate*P value
Age (years)15 (years)0.0340.12
Systolic blood pressure (mmHg)200.010.38
Triglycerides (mmol/l)1.340.0160.28
Physical activity (METs)870−0.0110.12
WBC count
    Quartile 1Reference
    Quartile 20.0470.16
    Quartile 30.0130.83
    Quartile 40.0110.86
    Quartile 1Reference
    Quartile 20.0550.15
    Quartile 30.0520.27
    Quartile 40.1190.02
hs-CRP <1.0 mg/lReference
1.0 ≤ hs-CRP <3.0 mg/l0.0600.0001
hs-CRP ≥3.0 mg/l0.0330.23
Periodontal status
Smoking status
    Never, occasionalReference
Educational level
    ≥10 yearsReference
    10 years0.0550.28
    <10 years0.0360.72
Family history of diabetes (reference = no history)0.0410.08
  • *Estimates correspond to a 1-SD increase in continuous variables or a change relative to the reference category. Results are simultaneously adjusted for all variables included in the table. Participants missing data for either family history of diabetes, fibrinogen, WBC count, hs-CRP, or hs-CRP >10.0 mg/l were excluded (n = 569).

  • †Significance levels account for the stratified, clustered sampling design in SHIP.

  • ‡The percentage of sites per mouth with attachment loss ≥5 mm.