Table 2

Risk of work disability, retirement, and death among participants with diabetes compared with those without diabetes

Participants with diabetesParticipants without diabetesHR [95% CI]
Number of eventsIncidence rate per 1,000 person-yearsNumber of eventsIncidence rate per 1,000 person-yearsAccounting for matching criteria*Additionally adjusted for BMI at age 50 years
 To disability157.91622.71.7 [1.0–2.9]1.4 [0.8–2.4]
 To retirement399209.12,22137.61.6 [1.5–1.8]1.6 [1.5–1.8]
 To death136.8220.47.3 [3.6–14.6]8.0 [3.8–17.0]
  • *Matching criteria were sex and calendar year, age, and occupational grade at the time of hiring in EDF-GDF.