Table 2

Counterregulatory hormonal response: statistical analysis

HormonenEstimated hypoglycemia/ normoglycemia ratio95% CIP value
Adrenaline202.011.80; 2.24<0.0001*
Noradrenaline200.930.89; 0.970.0005*
ACTH201.201.10; 1.31<0.0001*
Cortisol201.211.11; 1.31<0.0001*
Growth hormone201.701.44; 2.00<0.0001*
Glucagon201.041.00; 1.090.0495*
C-peptide200.840.81; 0.87<0.0001*
Pancreatic polypeptide201.241.16; 1.32<0.0001*
Melatonin201.051.00; 1.090.0290*
IGFBP-1201.080.95; 1.220.2299
  • The log-transformed hormonal response profiles were analyzed using a mixed-effects model with type of night (hypoglycemic or normoglycemic), period, time, and interaction between type of night and time as fixed effects and subject as a random effect. The analysis was based on the completers analysis set.

  • *Statistically significant.