Table 1

Summary of observational studies assessing the risk of mortality among individuals with diabetes

ReferenceStudyYearPopulationSample sizeFollow-upRisk of all-cause mortality, HR (95% CI)
Roper et al. (2)South Tees Diabetes Mortality Study2002South Tees, U.K.4,8426 yearsMale*: 2.56 (1.73–3.80) Female*: 3.15 (2.51–3.95)
Barr et al. (3)Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study2007Australia10,4285.2 years2.3 (1.6–3.2)
Seshasai et al. (6)Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration2011Worldwide**820,90013.6 years1.80 (1.71–1.90)
Tancredi et al. (5)National Diabetes Register2015Sweden435,369 with type 2 diabetes and 2,117,483 control subjects4.6 years1.15 (1.14–1.16)
  • *Aged 40–59 years.

  • **The majority of participants were from Europe and North America.