Table 1

Baseline sociodemographic and health characteristics of HUNT2 participants, by type 2 diabetes status (N = 64,177), 1995–1997

Individuals without diabetesIndividuals with type 2 diabetes
(n = 63,044)(n = 1,133)P value
Age (years)49.47 (17.0)68.31 (11.1)<0.001
Female sex53.2850.450.100
Education (low)70.0090.44<0.001
Mental health symptoms (high)11.5617.01<0.001
 Depression only2.162.04
 Anxiety only6.1910.07
Waist circumference (high)*45.3480.16<0.001
Physical activity (inactive)52.4362.07<0.001
 Former daily smoker27.1839.45
 Current daily dmoker29.3515.89
Family history of diabetes (yes)14.5644.80<0.001
Chronic conditions (yes)21.1046.59<0.001
Baseline antidepressant use (yes)2.794.000.01
Baseline insulin use (yes)18.7
Died during follow-up19.8765.26<0.001
  • Data are % or mean (SD). Values in boldface type indicate statistical significance.

  • *Defined as waist circumference ≥94 cm for men, ≥80 cm for women.

  • †Defined as ≤150 min of moderate or ≤60 min of vigorous physical activity per week.