Table 1

Cumulative incidence of ESRD by 30 years’ duration of type 1 diabetes

Authors, year (reference)CountryPeriod*No. of personsCumulative incidence*
Costacou and Orchard, 2018 (7)U.S.1950–196432134.6%
Gagnum et al., 2018 (8)Norway1973–20127,8712.9%
Krolewski et al., 1996 (9)U.S.1959–199414220%
DCCT/EDIC research group, 2014 (10)U.S.1968–19831,4412%
Otani et al., 2016 (11)Japan1961–198452910%
Möllsten et al., 2010 (12)Sweden1997–20076,4953.3%
Finne et al., 2005 (13)Finland1965–199920,0057.8%
  • *Most recent dates and ESRD incidence rates are boldface and italicized compared with older dates and rates.