Table 5

Estimated mean slopes of renal decline expressed in mL/min/1.73 m2/year in the four study cohorts with the crude and covariate-adjusted differences between them

CohortUnadjusted mean slope (95% CI)Differences between cohorts (relative to FinnDiane cohort)
EstimateP valueEstimateP value
FinnDiane (reference)−4.0 (−4.4, −3.6)
Joslin−5.2 (−5.7, −4.8)−1.2 (−1.8, 0.7)<0.001−1.0 (−1.6, −0.5)<0.001
Steno−3.3 (−3.7, −2.8)0.7 (0.2, 1.3)0.0120.9 (0.3, 1.4)0.002
INSERM−4.1 (−4.6, −3.5)−0.1 (−0.7, 0.6)0.92−0.2 (−0.8, 0.5)0.57
  • Adjusted for sex, age, HbA1c, systolic blood pressure, antihypertensive treatment, and smoking status. Further adjusting for serum cholesterol and ACR in cohorts with available data did not influence statistical inferences about the differences between the cohorts. Baseline eGFR is not included in the covariate set, as it is already present in joint model specification.