Table 1

Summary of study outcomes

MetricOLClosed loopP level
Primary outcomes: reduction in hypoglycemia
 Percentage of time below 3.9 mmol/L (70 mg/dL)1.250.70>0.1
 Number of hypoglycemic episodes/person/session requiring carbohydrate treatment2.391.220.021
 Grams of carbohydrate/person/session used for treatment of hypoglycemia39.717.60.022
Secondary outcomes: glucose control
 Percentage of time in the target range of 3.9–10 mmol/L (70–180 mg/dL)70.766.1>0.1
 Percentage of time above 180 mg/dL28.033.1>0.1
 Average BG8.45 mmol/L (152.1 mg/dL)8.96 mmol/L (161.3 mg/dL)0.042
 Glucose variability (SD)2.44 mmol/L (43.9 mg/dL)2.49 mmol/L (44.9 mg/dL)>0.1
 Total meal carbohydrate content/person/session272.5 g266.2 g>0.1
 Total insulin delivered/person/session62.6 units59.2 units>0.1