Table 3

Breastfeeding and changes in dietary fat intake and physical activity by randomization condition and time since delivery

Lifestyle interventionUsual care conditionCondition difference
n/NProportion %n/NProportion %Absolute proportion %P value
Partial or exclusive breastfeeding
 6 weeks postpartum79/9087.889/9890.8−3.00.50
 7 months postpartum47/7562.741/8647.715.00.09
MeanSDMeanSDMean differenceP value
Change in percent of calories from dietary fat
 6 weeks postpartum−3.857.44−3.278.02−0.580.54
 7 months postpartum−6.398.04−2.847.47−3.550.002
Change in MVPA (min/week)
 6 weeks postpartum−0.7403.7−22.0430.821.30.92
 7 months postpartum29.0541.93.7452.925.30.91
  • All P values for treatment condition and follow-up visit interaction are >0.05 except for change in percent of calories from fat (P = 0.001).

  • MVPA, moderate or vigorous physical activity.