Table 2

Proportion of women with GDM meeting the postpartum weight goals by randomization group and time since delivery

Lifestyle interventionUsual careGroup difference
n/NProportion %n/NProportion %Absolute proportion %P value
All women
 6 weeks postpartum19/9120.917/9817.43.50.54
 7 months postpartum27/7138.021/8823.914.10.13
 12 months postpartum27/7237.518/8421.416.10.07
Women with pregavid BMI <25.0 kg/m2
 6 weeks postpartum8/3821.15/4311.69.50.25
 7 months postpartum14/3145.210/3826.318.90.19
 12 months postpartum15/3246.911/3630.616.30.26
Women with pregravid BMI ≥25.0 kg/m2
 6 weeks postpartum11/5320.812/5521.8−1.00.89
 7 months postpartum13/4032.511/5022.010.50.41
 12 months postpartum12/4030.07/4814.615.40.15
Women not exceeding the IOM guidelines for gestational weight gain
 6 weeks postpartum19/6628.817/6825.03.80.62
 7 months postpartum24/5444.418/5930.513.90.19
 12 months postpartum24/5345.313/5722.822.50.04
Women exceeding the IOM guidelines for gestation weight gain
 6 weeks postpartum0/250/30
 7 months postpartum3/1717.63/2910.37.30.60
 12 months postpartum3/1915.85/2718.5−2.70.81
  • All P values for treatment condition and follow-up visit interaction are >0.05.