Table 3—

Mean differences between OS (n = 69) and SI (n = 62) groups in fat intake (g/day), fiber intake (g/day), and total physical activity (MET h/week) for participants in action/maintenance stage at follow-up

Domain and baseline stage of changeAdjusted mean difference at follow-up for participants in action/maintenance*95% CI
 Pre-action−2.3−40.9 to 36.2
 Action/maintenance5.6−8.9 to 20.2
 Overall−0.92−15.2 to 13.4
 Pre-action2.5−7.6 to 12.7
 Action/maintenance4.0−0.50 to 8.5
 Overall3.5−0.37 to 7.4
 Pre-action63.3−0.65 to 127.2
 Action/maintenance−19.9−110.4 to 70.6
 Overall20.1−26.8 to 67.1
  • Data are n.

  • *

    * Adjusted mean difference indicates adjusted for baseline values for each domain behavior;

  • “Overall” refers to the differences in mean changes in participants in action/maintenance at follow-up, regardless of baseline SOC.