Table 1

Low testosterone is associated with increased mortality in older men

Study designnFollow-up (years)MortalityHazard ratio (95% CI)Recent studies
Retrospective8588All-cause1.88 (1.34–2.63)*Shores et al. (42)
Prospective79420All-cause and CVD1.40 (1.14–1.71)*
1.38 (1.02–1.85)*Laughlin et al. (45)
Prospective2,31410All-cause and CVD2.29 (1.60–3.26)*Khaw et al. (43)
Prospective1,9547.2All-cause and CVD2.32 (1.38–3.89)*Haring et al. (44)
Prospective9306.9All-cause and CVD in men with CVD2.27 (1.45–3.60)*Malkin et al. (46)
  • *On the basis of recent publications in which the number of subject is >500 and age of the subjects is >60 years.