Table 2—

The Sickness Impact Profile

DimensionItems describing behavior related to:Selected items
Independent categoriesSleep and restI sit during much of the day / I sleep or nap during the day
EatingI can only feed myself with someone’s help
WorkI am not working at all / I often act irritable toward my work associates
Home managementI am not doing any of the maintenance or repair work around the house that I usually do
Recreation and pastimesI am going out for entertainment less / I am not doing any of my usual physical recreation or activities
I. PhysicalAmbulationI walk shorter distances or stop to rest often / I do not walk at all
MobilityI stay within one room / I stay away from home only for brief periods of time
Body care and movementI do not bathe myself at all but am bathed by someone else / I am very clumsy in body movements
II. PsychosocialSocial interactionI am doing fewer social activities with groups of people / I isolate myself as much as I can from the rest of the family
Alertness behaviorI have difficulty reasoning and solving problems, for example, making plans, making decisions, learning new things
I sometimes behave as if I were confused or disoriented in place or time, for example, where I am, who is around, directions, what day it is
Emotional behaviorI laugh or cry suddenly / I act irritable and impatient with myself, for example, talk badly about myself, swear at myself, blame myself for things that happen
CommunicationI am having trouble writing or typing / I do not speak clearly when I am under stress