Table 2—

Multiple regression models predicting HbA1c with the P:S ratio, total fat intake, and fat types, EPIC-Norfolk 1995–1997 (n = 6,223)*

Independent variablesWithout adjustment for BMI and WHR
With adjustment for BMI and WHR
Analysis of P:S ratio and total fat
 P:S ratio−0.02170.010−0.02000.013
 Total fat (E%)0.0453<0.0010.0420<0.001
Analysis of specific dietary fat types
 Saturated fat (E%)0.0462<0.0010.0476<0.001
 Monounsaturated fat (E%)0.01530.2810.01070.451
 Polyunsaturated fat (E%)0.004670.6430.005340.595
  • Data are regression coefficients per standard deviation change in the independent variable.

  • *

    * Adjusted for total energy intake, protein (E%), alcohol (g/day), age, sex, family history of diabetes, physical activity, and smoking status.