Table 1—

Simple correlations between plasma glucose levels at different times of the day in patients with non–insulin-treated type 2 diabetes

Fasting vs. postbreakfast0.6310.653ND
Fasting vs. prelunch0.6250.6590.759
Fasting vs. postlunch0.5920.6760.612
Fasting vs. predinner0.5310.5420.560
Fasting vs. postdinnerND0.6880.545
Postbreakfast vs. prelunch0.7130.737ND
Postbreakfast vs. postlunch0.5340.722ND
Postbreakfast vs. predinner0.5240.626ND
Postbreakfast vs. postdinnerND0.688ND
Prelunch vs. postlunch0.6480.8840.735
Prelunch vs. predinner0.6150.7540.661
Prelunch vs. postdinnerND0.6790.623
Postlunch vs. predinner0.6710.7010.775
Postlunch vs. postdinnerND0.7460.638
Predinner vs. postdinnerND0.5640.641
  • P < 0.01–0.001 for all correlations.

  • *

    * In these patients the correlations were computed with the means of five glucose determinations per each time of the day.