Table 3—

Multiple logistic regression models of prevalence of type 2 diabetes

Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Model 4
Model 5
OR*95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
Age (×10 years)2.011.88–––2.171.971.83–2.111.871.73–2.02
Male sex0.990.87–––1.280.970.84–1.120.950.82–1.10
Mexican ethnicity2.342.03–2.692.372.05–2.732.231.93–2.592.181.88–2.52
Education: HSD0.790.68–0.910.810.70–0.930.920.79–1.070.780.65–0.94
BMI (×5 units)1.491.40–1.581.411.33–1.511.371.28–1.46
WHR (×0.1 unit)1.331.21–1.441.411.28–1.55
 Mexico versus Spain1.741.43–2.12
 SA-MA versus Spain2.682.19–3.28
 SA-NHW versus Spain1.120.84–1.50
  • HSD, high school diploma.