Table 2 —

All-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality by glucose tolerance group for 3,174 adults aged 30–74 years in the NHANES II

Normal glucose toleranceImpaired glucose toleranceUndiagnosed diabetesDiagnosed diabetes
All-cause mortality
 Deaths (n)40813770122
 Mortality per 1,000 person-years10.620.833.240.9
 Age-adjusted RR1.001.371.762.26
  95% CIReference1.05–1.791.17–2.661.78–2.87
 Multivariate adjusted RR*1.001.421.772.11
  95% CIReference1.08–1.871.13–2.751.56–2.84
Cardiovascular disease mortality
 Deaths (n)159553266
 Mortality per 1,000 person-years3.
 Age-adjusted RR1.001.191.672.82
  95% CIReference0.87–1.630.98–2.841.96–4.06
 Multivariate adjusted RR*
  95% CIReference0.81–1.620.85–2.791.81–3.78
  • *

    * Adjusted for age (continuous), sex, race (Caucasian or African-American), education (less than high school or high school or greater), smoking (current, past, or never), physical activity (1-high to 4-low), HDLs, systolic blood pressure, and BMI (all continuous).