Table 2 —

Health care access for type 2 diabetic adults

Health care accessNon-Hispanic CaucasianNon-Hispanic African-AmericanMexican-American
One usual source of ambulatory medical care96.793.991.9
 Sees one primary physician at this source92.488.283.1
Two or more physician visits in past 12 months90.386.683.2
Health insurance
 Age 25–64 years91.488.765.9*
 Age ≥65 years99.8100.099.7
Private health insurance
 Age 25–64 years80.862.9*46.2*
 Age ≥65 years80.342.9*40.9*
Diabetes therapy
 Oral agents45.736.550.3
 Diet alone28.621.924.4
Insulin treated, ≥2 injections per day60.442.348.2
Self-monitors blood glucose at least once per day
 Not insulin-treated5.83.92.4
Eye examination in the past year65.370.160.8
Blood pressure checked in the past 6 months88.489.483.4
Cholesterol checked80.868.1*61.8*
 Previously diagnosed, taking antihypertensive medication83.184.171.3
 Previously diagnosed, not taking antihypertension medication6.46.812.8
 Previously diagnosed, treated with diet or medication52.340.340.6
 Previously diagnosed, not treated with diet or medication6.24.54.3
  • Data are %. Sample sizes for hypertension (n = 864) and dyslipidemia (n = 627) exclude subjects who do not have these conditions; dyslipidemia data also exclude subjects with triglyceride levels ≥400 mg/dl for whom the Friedewald equation to compute LDL cholesterol is not valid.

  • *

    * P < 0.001

  • P < 0.01

  • P < 0.05 compared with non-Hispanic Caucasians.