Table 2 —

Product moment correlation coefficients between Mbw/I and Mffm/I using the euglycemic insulin clamp method are commonly used indexes and risk factors for insulin resistance

nMbw/ILog(Mbw/I) and log(variable)Mffm/ILog(Mffm/I) and log(variable)
Insulin (mU/l)178−0.40−0.56−0.37−0.50
Insulin-to-glucose ratio178−0.41−0.47−0.34−0.47
Bennett index1780.420.450.330.48
BMI (kg/m2)178−0.51−0.59−0.35−0.42
Waist (cm)99−0.53−0.55−0.41−0.43
TAG (mmol/l)178−0.40−0.48−0.37−0.45
HDL (mmol/l)1780.360.400.300.35
AST (U/l)73−0.20*−0.44−0.21*−0.44
ALT (U/l)73−0.22*−0.20*−0.24−0.19*
GGT (U/l)73−0.31−0.26−0.32−0.28
Family history1010.14*0.11*0.17*0.16*
  • *

    * NS;

  • the Mbw/I and Mffm/I have been log-transformed, but the variable has not been log-transformed.