Table 2 —

Marginal means and genotype distributions for ABCC8 (SUR1) exon 18 (Thr759)

Genotype1/1 (C/C)1/2 (C/T)2/2 (T/T)P
SG0.0161 (0.0141–0.0183)0.0168 (0.0123–0.0229)0.825
SI (105)5.84 (4.71–7.25)5.32 (3.20–8.85)0.75
AIRglucose166.7 (139.8–198.9)200.5 (132.8–302.8)0.482
DI0.846 (0.62–1.15)0.955 (0.459–1.98)0.669
DIT0.212 (0.18–0.25)0.218 (0.148–0.322)0.552
  • Table 2 shows the means by genotype after correction for covariates age and BMI. Data are geometric means (95% CI). All variables were ln-transformed before analysis using a mixed effects model. P values are reported using the mixed effects model described in research design and methods and carrier status except for the ABCC8 exon 16 variant. Values reflect only main effects and the interaction of genotype with family membership. Units are as follows: SI (×10−5 min−1/[pmol/l]); AIRglucose, pmol/l. Other variables from Table 1 were not tested in this analysis.