Table 2

CD36 transcripts in adipose tissue correlate positively with measures of insulin sensitivity while transcripts in skeletal correlate with FFA Rd and VLDL clearance

Adipose tissue
 IHTG, %−0.39*0.08−0.24−0.49**
 Insulin stimulation of glucose Rd, %***
 Insulin suppression of palmitate Ra, %0.52*0.220.300.56**
 VLDL-TG production rate, µmol/min−0.45*−0.14−0.20−0.40*
 VLDL-apoB100 production rate, nmol/min−0.44*−0.49*−0.55**−0.49*
 CD36 total mRNA0.270.58**0.68***
 CD36 protein,0.75***0.320.46*0.58**
 VAT, cm3−0.09−0.39*−0.10−0.47*
 FM, %0.43*0.050.47*0.36*
Skeletal muscle
 VLDL-TG clearance, mL/min0.35*0.38*0.40*−0.16
 FFA Rd, µmol/kg FFM/min0.58**0.45*0.54**−0.32
  • Shown are Spearman r correlations and corresponding P values.

  • Protein expression level in arbitrary units. *P < 0.05.

  • **P < 0.001.

  • ***P < 0.0001.

  • n = 36.

  • n = 26 for skeletal muscle.