Table 2 —

Adjusted means for obesity-related traits according to the ADRβ3 and PPARγ2 genotype*

Variant in neither gene
ADRβ3 variant only
PPARγ2 variant only
Variant in both genes
ADRΒ3 genotypeTrp/TrpTrp/ArgArg/ArgTrp/TrpTrp/TrpTrp/ArgArg/ArgTrp/Arg
PPARγ2 genotypePro/ProPro/ProPro/ProPro/AlaAla/AlaPro/AlaPro/AlaAla/Ala
Sample size (n)23411566152354
BMI (kg/m2)29.5528.8128.8430.0130.6032.7330.5832.70
Waist (cm)98.0095.5194.1494.81101.19104.3694.02103.21
Fat mass (kg)23.7425.2018.9824.4725.1426.1924.0026.86
Fasting insulin (mU/l)2.442.271.922.502.602.902.632.48
Leptin (ng/ml)2.682.592.112.782.823.142.843.13
  • *

    * Means were adjusted for age, sex, and diabetes status (diabetic subjects excluded for insulin levels).

  • Values were transformed by their natural logarithm.