Table 3 —

Regression models predicting the EDI subscales, BMI, and glycemic control

Dependent variableβtPr2InterceptF
Body dissatisfaction0.3284.2618.24
 Gender × BMI1.082.210.03
 Age × gender0.594.610.00
Drive for thinness0.5560.12853.82
 Body dissatisfaction−0.05−0.180.85
 Gender × body dissatisfaction0.722.660.01
 Disease duration0.252.610.01
 Bulimia score ≥5*
  • *

    * The clinical cutoff score for the Bulimia subscale: coded 1 if above the cutoff, 0 if below;

  • BMI > 95th percentile for age and gender: coded 1 if above this percentile, 0 if below.