Table 2 —

Process of care and satisfaction of intervention and control patients at baseline and at 24 months*

24 months
Intervention patientsControl patientsPIntervention patientsControl patientsP
Clinical prevention
 Prevention procedures (mean frequency)
 Medication review (% every visit)
 Retinal eye exam (% in last year)60.662.20.7267.963.50.27
 Foot examination (% in last year)87.780.80.07
 Microalbumin test (% in last year)
Use and helpfulness of patient education*
 Written materials (% used and found helpful)70.864.00.1983.673.90.03
 Classes (% used and found helpful)39.627.30.00862.524.10.0001
 Face-to-face counseling (% used and found helpful)65.758.60.1676.659.10.0001
 Medical care satisfaction (mean % excellent)30.833.50.4635.335.30.96
 Diabetes care satisfaction (mean % very satisified)50.957.40.1961.353.70.10
  • *

    * Unadjusted means or percentages reported at baseline. At 24 months, means/percentages are adjusted for chronic disease score, self-reported health, age, sex, and baseline value of outcome if available.

  • Mean reported frequency (never [1]–every visit [5]) of the following procedures: discussed urinary problems, foot care, dietary counseling, and exercise counseling;

  • registry data unavailable during baseline year.