Table 3 —

Outcomes of care of intervention and control patients at baseline and 24 months*

24 Months
Intervention patientsControl patientsPIntervention patientsControl patientsP
Health Status
 General health (mean)45.744.50.5346.844.00.03
 Physical function (mean)
 Physical role limitation (mean)
 Bed disability days (% ≥1)
 Restricted activity days (% ≥1)
 CES-D (mean)10.911.60.4611.311.20.87
 HbA1c (mean %)
 Total cholesterol (mean mg/dl)215.1217.50.60202.8204.60.58
Costs and use
 Primary care visits (mean/year)
 ER visits (mean/year)
 Specialty visits (mean/year)
 Hospital admission (% admitted)32.732.90.9716.921.00.10
 Total costs (median $)2,540.02,670.00.602,122.02,208.00.79
  • *

    * Unadjusted means or percentages reported at baseline. At 24 months, means/percentages are adjusted for chronic disease score, self-reported health, age, sex, and baseline value of outcome if available (physical function, bed and restricted-activity days, HbA1c and cholesterol, use, and costs).

  • P based on comparison of log costs. CES-D, Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression scale.