Table 4 —

Process and outcomes of care at 24 months in the intervention group by the number of chronic care clinics attended*

Number of chronic care clinics
n136  52  90
Age (years)60.361.762.10.21
Sex (% female)
Chronic Disease Score5.
 Prevention procedures (mean frequency)
 Medication review (% every visit)
 One-on-one counseling (% used and found helpful)63.778.789.40.0001
 Medical care satisfaction (mean % excellent)27.029.545.30.0003
 Diabetes care satisfaction (mean % very satisfied)54.458.869.70.007
 General health47.244.346.70.54
 Bed disability days (% ≥1)36.728.526.30.04
 Restricted activity days (% ≥1)44.140.939.30.33
 HbA1c (mean %)
 Cholesterol (mean mg/dl)206.8197.7195.50.13
 Primary care visits per year6.
  • *

    * Means/percentages are adjusted for chronic disease score, self-reported health, age, sex, and baseline value of outcome if available.