Table 2 —

Summary of Pearson correlation coefficients for the changes in FPG concentration and the change in mean plasma glucose concentration during the OGTT with selected variables

ParameterΔ FPGΔ Mean PG during OGTT
Δ Body weight−0.377−0.423*
Δ Fat mass−0.377−0.416*
Δ Basal EGP0.515*0.140
Δ First EGP0.5450.474*
Δ First TGD−0.100−0.160
Δ Second TGD−0.541−0.806
Δ Fasting plasma FFA0.1800.146
Δ Mean FFA during OGTT0.514*0.447*
Δ Triglycerides0.488*0.316
  • FPG measured in mg/dl; plasma glucose (PG) measured in mg/dl; FFA measured in μEq/l; EGP measured in mg/kg FFM per min; total glucose disposal (TGP) measured in mg/kg FFM per min.

  • *

    * P < 0.05;

  • P < 0.01;

  • P = 0.07. Δ, difference between before and after treatment.