Table 2 —

Parameters of Eq. 8

3-h OGTT (OGIS180)
2-h OGTT (OGIS120)
Common unitsSI unitsCommon unitsSI units
p314.0 10377981.3 1034,514
p5637 10−611.5 10−3652 10−611.8 10−3
  • Parameters differ depending on the units used for measuring glucose concentration, insulin concentration, and the oral glucose dose. The table reports the values for the common units (mg/dl glucose, μU/ml insulin, and g/m3 oral glucose dose) and for the SI units mmol/l glucose, pmol/l insulin, and mmol/m2 oral glucose dose. The parameters of Eq. 8 not reported in the table are V, 104 ml/kg (both common and SI units); and GCLAMP, 90 mg/dl (common units) or 5 mmol/l (SI units). Units for the parameters in the table are not reported, as not relevant.